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How to find and use eBooks

How to find and use ebooks

Introduction to ebooks

The Library provides access to a wide range of ebooks. 

  • Most ebooks are subscription resources which will require you to  login. 
  • Most ebooks give you full-text access online but restrict the amount you can print or download in accordance with UK copyright law.
  • Some ebooks can be downloaded in their entirety to your device but the file will automatically be removed after a set period of time, whereas some are provided on a DRM  (Digital Rights Management) free format, allowing you to download and keep them.
  • Some ebooks limit the number of concurrent users who can access them. 
  • A small number of ebooks are published as Open Access, meaning they are freely available to view online.

A note on eBook Formats

Library eBooks come in two formats

  • PDF - common format 
  • EPUB - an optimised HTML-based format for viewing on devices. It will automatically resize to fit your screen and adjust font size. It often includes embedded links

Where possible we aim to obtain library ebooks in EPUB format

(NOTE : Kindle ebooks are a different format again called .MOBI. This is proprietary and we cannot provide ebooks in this format)

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