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Key resources, books, journals and other resources for Law

Westlaw UK

Comprehensive collections of UK primary and secondary legal materials. Cleaner interface is easier to navigate. 

  • Case Law -  50+ law report series includes Weekly Law Reports, The Law Reports and English Reports
  • Legislation - UK primary & secondary; bills & drafts; policy & guidance
  • Journals - 100+ journals including Cambridge Law Journal, Law Society Gazette, Law Teacher, The Lawyer, Legal Studies. Legal Week, Modern Law Review, New Law Journal, PLC Magazine
  • Current Awareness - recent cases, journal articles, legislation, newspaper articles, policy & guidance
  • Legal Dictionaries - Jowitts Dictionary of English Law, Stroud's Judicial Dictionary of Words & Phrases, Osborn's Concise Law Dictionary
  • EU Law - cases, legilslation, treaties, preparatory acts, treatises, journals 
  • UK News - search UK newspapers

Getting started

Get certified in Westlaw UK

Westlaw UK Certification Training gives you an interactive walk-through of Westlaw UK with the option to then test your skills and become Certified.

A step-by-step through everything you need to know to be a Westlaw UK power user. If you decide to take the test and pass, you’ll be Certified in Westlaw UK and be sent a certificate in the post to demonstrate your skills, which you can list on your CV.

Please note:
• You should complete all three Basic modules before attempting the Basic test.
• You must complete Basic before attempting Advanced. You can complete International at any time.
• They may take a few minutes to load and have a voice-over which can be muted in the bottom-right.

Practical Law

Expert know-how guidance on the practice of law. Seamless links to relevant Westlaw resources. 

  • Full access to ALL 30 Practice Areas 
  • Practice Notes, Standard Documents, Standard Clauses, Checklists, Glossary
  • LPC Resources - Very useful set of resources for LPC Core and Elective modules including key resources, practitioner books, textbooks and external resources.
  • Legal Skills - legal system, legal writing skills, legal research, advocacy & speaking skills, commercial & business skills, professional development, project management, negotiation skills, personal development, teamwork
  • Brexit Updates



The British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII) provides free access to British and Irish legal materials covering 5 jurisdictions. 

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