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Adopting eTexts

eText Policy

No hidden costs

Pearson College London promises "no hidden costs". We do not expect students to have to spend additional money on purchasing essential textbooks in order to succeed in their studies. 

In general all items on reading lists should be available via the Library (see Reading List Policy).

  • Internet resources
  • Digital articles available via Library Service databases
  • eBooks available via the Library Service (e.g. DawsonEra ebooks)
  • Digitised scans of articles or books made under the College's CLA license 

However in certain circumstances a personal copy of an eText may be embedded in the OLE module subject to budget approval.

Benefits of eTexts rather than hardcopy

Benefits for students

  • 24/7 access Students are able to access their eTexts online or download to up to four devices. There is no excuse for forgetting to bring them to class.
  • No need to carry heavy books around. Physical textbooks typically weigh 1-3kg!
  • Enhanced features - e.g. notes, copying, readaloud etc.


  • Immediate access. Students are able to access eTexts immediately they are enrolled on the OLE module. Students will not need to come in to the College to collect. 
  • Accurate ordering. Student numbers are difficult to preduct. If numbers exceed expectations or students join late there is no need to order additional copies which may take 2-4 weeks to be delivered. Similarly if student numbers fall below expectations the College is not left with "surplus stock". In 2015 the College spent £9,000 on disposing of surplus hardcopy books. 
  • No storage issues. Physical books require a large, secure, load-bearing storage area that is accessible from the building delivery bay. Large deliveries to Pearson properties need to be booked in advance.  



  • Budget approval from the Head of School is required for any expenditure. 
  • In general due to the high costs we expect no more than one eText per module.
  • Please note that eTexts are subject to VAT
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